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Name of the film
Satish Alekar, The Playwright
Concept, Script, Cinematography and Direction
Atul Pethe
Rahul Pungaliya
Subject Expert
Rekha Inamdar Sane
Narendra Bhide
Sameer Shipurkar
Financial Assistance
Hemant Joshi and
California Arts Association (CalAA)
Atul Pethe Productions, Pune


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About Satish Alekar
Satish Alekar is an eminent playwright and director, credited with molding a new paradigm in Indian theater. His most
notable plays are - “Micky ani Memsaab” (Micky and Memsahib), “Mahanirvan” (The Dread Departure), “Mahapoor”
(The Deluge), “Begum Barve”, “Shanivar- Ravivar” (Saturday- Sunday), “Doosara Samna” (The Second Encounter),
“Atireki” (The Terrorist) and “Pidhijat” (Dynasts). His expression, humor and experimentation on stage have been
widely appreciated.

About the Documentary
The documentary “Satish Alekar, The Playwright” not only unfolds Alekar’s journey as a playwright, but also chronicles the changing backdrop of post-independence India , the city of Pune and the Marathi Theater.  Here an attempt is made to explore the social, political and cultural linkages of his plays. While examining the space, language and the experimental nature of his plays, its association with various forms traditional to Marathi Theater is also reviewed.  The objective is to study the period 1947-2008, and to understand its impact on Alekar’s writing. The organic relationship between the surrounding – the space – and a creative artist, is the theme of this film. It goes on to show that the expression of a creative artist transcends his own self to become a part of the awareness of the society at large. Performing art that it is, theater is often hard to document given lack of archived material. This film is a notable attempt to ameliorate the state of documentation of theater in India by showcasing Alekar and his plays.

About Atul Pethe Productions
Atul Pethe Productions is a registered organization engaged in producing plays, films and audio visual products.  Atul Pethe has been active in the field of theater and documentaries for more than twenty years as an actor, writer, cinematographer, producer and director.  Some of his notable productions include plays “Soorya Pahilela Manoos”, “Anandowari” and “Waiting for Godot”, documentaries “Tendulkar and Violence”, “SEZ – Prelude to Anarchy”, “The Garbage Trap” and “K R Datye – the Pathways of Energy”.

Duration – 90 Minutes
Documentary in Marathi with English subtitles
Available on DVD for Rs. 200/-


Contact – Atul Pethe, A/20, Vinit Society, LIC Colony, Opposite Rahul Nagar, Kothrud, Pune 411029.  
Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile – 9422319717

CalAA presents
West Coast Ekaankikaa Competition Six Outstanding Ekaankikaas Selected


"Beggar's Life" : In this busy life we meet many people, few of them just come and disappear, few of them give something and vanish, few of them snatch something away from you. We get angry with these snatchers or we hate them. Living our busy life and having such snatchers around, we don't realize that we also become like them. This is Beggar's life …. a light comedy, a story of a modern young man …. Beggar's Life is written and directed by Sanjay Pachpande. Participants are Sanjay Pachpande and Amol Lele.

"WiranguLaa" : A couple's efforts to defy the normal course of humdrum domesticity and to spice up their marriage by pretending to be adulterous lovers in the afternoons. At first, the couple seems happy with the 'zing' this adds to their relationship. The only problem is that role-playing games can often get out of hand, and here they lead to unexpected conflict. "WiranguLaa" is written by Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter and Adapted in Marathi by Irawati Karnik. Directed by Jyotsna Khandekar. Participants are Sanjay and Sayleepte.

“Thief Police” : An event occurs in a train going from Mumbai to Pune. The event links the passengers in such a way
that the actual event itself seems to be overshadowed. What follows is a tale of suspicion, confusion and blunders.
Thief Police is written by Vijay Tendulkar, directed by Malhar Ambhaikar and participants from Los Angeles are Rohit
Godkar, Jaideep Raje, Kaustubh Page, Vidyullata Mahabal, Madhura Godbole, Mugdha Yeolekar, Rohan More,
Saurabh Alurkar, Atul Riswadkar, Malhar Ambhaikar, Vidyut Gharpure

“Nirnay” : Medical advances have greatly increased our life expectancy. In our busy lifestyle, we don't even think
about death, presuming that there is cure for every illness. What if we are unexpectedly faced with death? "Nirnay" is
about trials and tribulations when one has to decide between "life" and "death" for a loved one. Nirnay is written by
Bhagyashree Barlinge, directed by Aarati Ranade and participants from Phoenix are Mukul Renawikar, Nilesh
Agnihotri, Shilpa Kelkar, Netra Joshi, Ravindra Laddu, Pushpak Karnik, Chetan Date, Bhagyashree Barlinge, Aarati
Ranade and Narendra Godbole.

“Opuntia” : The auto-garage mechanic Jaggu and the white-collared middle class Apte are neighbors, and have
nothing in common, except a front yard. They share a love-hate relationship, they love to hate each other. They share
feisty exchanges daily and neither is trying to understand the other; until they have a surprise visitor. The visitor
captivates their attention and helps them to learn a lot about each other! Does this result into breaking the wall
between these two "poles apart" neighbors?  Opuntia is written by Mrs. Vinita Pimpalkhare, Directed by Seema Gore
and participants are Sachin Shrikhande, Manoj Tamhankar and Sumedha Kshirsagar

“Tooch Maazhaa Raajaa” : An incident in Pune comes to our attention in the form of news and makes us
introspective. The improved standard of living of the middle-class Maharashtrian is an indication that the new
economic order in India is going strong. With the improved standard of living comes the evil of materialistic
extravagance. If the society has accepted this evil as unavoidable, then the society’s struggle and helplessness to
deal with the consequences of this evil is the story of “Tooch Maazhaa Raajaa”. Written and directed by Jagdish
Kulkarni. The participants from Los Angeles are Milind Nandekar, Manish Sathe, Shrinivas Sadachar, Sangeeta
Sadachar, Jagdish Kulkarni and Ruchira Kulkarni.


Winners from CalAA's West Coast Ekaankikaa Competition

1st Place Ekaankikaa - Thief Police from Los Angeles

2nd Place Ekaankikaa - Wirangulaa from Bay Area

Best Director - Jyotsna Khandekar (Wirangulaa)

Best Actor - Sanjay Pachpande (Beggar's Life)

Best Actress - Saylee Apte (Wirangulaa)

Special Recognition for Actor - Malhar Ambhaikar (Thief Police)

Special Recognition for Actress - Sumedha Kshirsagar (Opuntia)

Special Recognition for Acting - Shilpa Kelkar (Nirnay)

Special Recognition for Writing - Sanjay Pachpande (Beggar's Life)

Judges were Vidula Mungekar (New Jersey), Subhag Oak (Seattle) and Anay Tarnekar (Bay Area)


Bhairav Te Bhairavee - Kojagaree Special musical program by visiting artists from Pune

Warm Springs Community Center, 47300 Fernald Street, Fremont Sunday, October 12, 2008 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Two plays for all ages Los Altos High School's Eagle Theater, 201 Almond Ave., Los Altos


Saturday, September 27, 2008 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

"LaawaNee - Ek Chintan" - CalAAnand program on "LaawaNee" presented by Mrs. Jyoti Dhamdhere


Los Altos Library, 13 S. San Antonio Road, Los Altos Saturday, August 9, 2008 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Award-winning Marathi film "VaLu" With English Subtitles by Umesh Kulkarni


Co-sponsored by De Anza College Film/TV Department
At De Anza College Room ATC120 Saturday, April 26th at Naaz 8 in Fremont at 1:00 p.m

Suyog Plays "Kabaddi Kabaddi" and "Love Story" together with MMBA at Cal State Hayward Theater

June 12, 2004


At California State University East Bay Theater 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd., Hayward, CA 94542
Saturday, June 7th 2008 at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

"Malaa Aawadalele Tendulkar"
A tribute to fond memories of Shri Vijay Tendulkar

Sunday, June 1st  at 6.00 p.m.

Abhiwaachan of stories
of Prakash Narayan Sant, Milind Bokil and Bhaarat Saasa Ne
by Mandar Kulkarni, Manoj Wadekar and Mukund Marathe


Saturday, May 17th at Ashok and Vidya Sapre's residence in Los Angeles from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

"Evadhasa AabhaaL" With English Subtitles, screening and Q&A with Director Bipin Nadkarni  at IMC Theater

Ticket : $10

Estranged from her husband, Shakun had preferred to live in Pune for many years now. Besides her job only one thing mattered to her the most, Bunty, her 11 year old son. Her only solace in this world. Bunty too lived a happy life with his mother on one side and Aatyabai (his caretaker) on the other. He was lost in his world of paintings, flowers and butterflies. He had accepted the bitter past of his parents’ and was content meeting his father once a month. But with the time Bunty’s world had changed. Both his parents had found their respective companions and were resettling in life. Bunty could not accept another man in his mother’s life, or come to terms with another woman in his father’ s world. Which of the two worlds would he choose? Which world did he belong to?


Director’s note

‘Aevdhe se Abhaal’ literally means ‘a tiny little sky
It is something all of us crave for, not out of greed but for a desire to be happy. A desire to be happy, even at the cost of making us sad.
This is the irony of Bunty’s small little family. It is a sensitive story of 10 year old Bunty coming to terms with the separation of his parents.
I have thoroughly enjoyed filming this beautiful story of Mannu Bhandari. It has given me the pleasure of making 4 films at a time!!!

evadhasa-aabhaal evadhasa-aabhaal evadhasa-aabhaal

Bipin Nadkarni - Producer-Director  


Cast & Crew

Prateeksha Lonkar, Ashok Shinde, Harsh Chaaya & Ritvik, Suneeta Sengupta, Vidya Patwardhan, Madhav Vaze Arya

Director of Photography
Mahesh Limaye

Amartya Rahut

Bipin Nadkarni

Kaustubh Savarkar

Rakesh Jadhav

Jayant Jathar

Baban Bowlekar


Chief Asst Director
Deepak Bhagwat

Production Designer
Nidhi Rungta

Costume Designer
Chaitrali Dongre

Production Controller
Satyavan Parab

Publicity Designs
‘Mint’ Aniruddha Satam

Public Relations
Ganesh Gargote

Producer and Director
Bipin Nadkarni

evadhasa-aabhaal evadhasa-aabhaal evadhasa-aabhaal

Aevdhe Se Aabhal  
(A Home In the sky) With English Subtitles

Official selection at the following Festivals :
Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles 2008
Indian Panorama 2007 (IFFI Goa)
Third eye 6th Asian Film Festival, Mumbai
6th Pune International Film Festival 2008
Indian Panorama Film Festival 2007 (IFFI Kerala)

Zee Gaurav Puraskar 2008
Best film – Opticus Picture Company
Best Director – Bipin Nadkarni
Best Cinematography – Mahesh Limaye
Best child actor (shared) – Ritvik Nadkarni

14th Nokia Star Screen Awards 2008
Best film – Opticus Picture Company
Best Director – Bipin Nadkarni
Best jury award – Ritvik Nadkarni (child actor)

6th Pune International Film Festival 2008
Best Screenplay Award – Bipin Nadkarni
Best Actress – Prateeksha Lonkar

Sanskriti Kaladarpan Awards 2008
Best Film – Opticus Picture Company
Best Director – Bipin Nadkarni
Best Screenplay Award – Bipin Nadkarni
Best Cinematography –Mahesh Limaye
Best Dialogue – Kaustubh Savarkar
Best Child Actor – Ritvik Nadkarni
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Chitrapati V Shantaram Puraskar 2008
Best Film – Opticus Picture Company
Best Director – Bipin Nadkarni
Best Supporting Actress – Prateeksha Lonkar
Best Child Actor – Ritvik Nadkarni
Best Lyrics – Rakesh Jadhav
Best Music Director – Amartya Rahut        
Best Female Playback Singer – Sadhana Sargam


Sunday, May 11th at IMC Theaters in San Jose at 1.00 p.m.

CalAA, Stanford University's Center for South Asia and Maitri present
Professor Ajit Kelkar's one-person stage presentation of "The Common Man"
(in english) based on R.K. Laxman's cartoons


on Sunday, May 4th at 4:00 p.m. at Old Union Clubhouse Ballroom in Stanford University

This event is made possible by your ongoing support to CalAA activities and is therefore free-of-charge to all CalAA Premees.


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Award-winning Marathi film "VaLu" With English Subtitles by Umesh Kulkarni


Co-sponsored by De Anza College Film/TV Department
At De Anza College Room ATC120 Saturday, April 26th at Naaz 8 in Fremont at 1:00 p.m

CalAA Presents
West Coast Ekaankikaa Mahotsav of 4 Ekaankikaas
from Seattle, Los Angeles and our Bay Area


Xperiments, Seattle presents
"Ek Saadhaa Prashna Maazhaa"
Written and Directed by Subhag Oak

Abhivyaktee, Los Angeles presents
"Wairyaachee Raatra"
Written by Vijay Tendulkar and Directed by Malhar Ambhaikar

Utsaahee Mitra Mandal, Bay Area presents
"Nilaai Ani Pasaaraa"Written and Directed by Amruta Hardikar

Niranjan Page of Bay Area presents
Written by Yogesh Soman and Directed by Niranjan Page

Marathi Film " Kadachit"



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