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December 13, 2002, September 8, 2002, May 4, 2002

Director Atul Pethe, known for their innovation and experimentation with new themes and styles, have successfully prompted the viewers to re-examine Socrates' thoughts in the context of the problems faced by the society today.

This Teleplay is not just a picturization of the play. A multi-camera set up and use of high resolution betacam format has allowed Director Pethe to bring out nuances that may go unnoticed in a stage performance. This has added an additional dimension to the play and has given the teleplay a character of its own.


This production has a special meaning for the SF Bay Area as it is produced by a well known artist and art enthusiast, Abhay Patil, a long time Bay Area resident. The entire archival project came about due to his very passionate urge to bring it abroad.

November 17, 2002
Dhyaasparva is a film about the epoch making contribution of an uncelebrated visionary, Raghunath Karve (1882-1953)


Raghunath the eldest son of the well known social reformist Bharat Ratna Maharshi Karve, was a highly educated mathematician who sacrificed his successful academic career to devote himself to the causes of birth control and women's reproductive health. He started the very first birth control clinic in India in 1921 on his own initiative, in the same year when the first-ever birth control clinic had opened in London. Although there is little public awareness about reproductive health issues and open discussion about sex is still a taboo, his contribution proves to be revolutionary and pioneering. His pursuits caused him social ostracism and public humiliation. However, Raghunath was fortunate to have a deeply supportive spouse, who participated in his work and bore the financial responsibility of their family. Despite his lifelong mission for the cause that has not lost its significance till today, Raghunath Karve has been denied due credit even decades after his death.

Amol Palekar has been one of the leading personalities of avant-grade theater in India and has been active in Marathi and Hindi theatre as an actor, director and producer since 1967. He has also been a very successful and highly acclaimed actor in the world of cinema since 1974. He is one of the most brilliant filmmakers of contemporary Indian cinema. Dhyaasparva has won India's national award for 2001 as well as six state awards and has received excellent reviews.

3 Ekankika : "Badkanche Gupit", "Dhol Tashe" & "Udaharnarth Ek"
September 28, 2002

Chitrasarita - Simhasan
July 21, 2002


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