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CalAA Committee

Sanjay Apte

Sanjay Apte is a versatile actor and director associated with CalAA. He has representd CalAA in several productions with a great sense of comedy and talent of other different genres of theater

Chinmoy Bhagwat

Chinmoy is co-founder of CalAA and manages the music and poetry events. A multi talented personality, he brings a passion for Urdu Shayari and Marathi literature. Chinmoy is based in Pune (India) and manages CalAA’s initiatives in India.

Avadhoot Bhambare

Avadhoot leads the Sandbox (Montly Play Reading) activity which has been a popular activity and provided a stepping stone for a number of CalAAkar’s to start their theatrical career. A multi-faceted artist, Avadhoot has acted and directed in several CalAA productions. He has represented CalAA in his one man shows over multiple parts of the country and overseas.

Anand Ghanekar

Anand is a mentor for CalAA team and its India Program Committe. A theater veteran associated with many famous groups in Pune, he has directed many experimental plays. Anand also serves as a treasurer and mentor to CalAA’s India Programs Commitee.

Anannya Joshi

A true theater lover at heart, Anannya started his CalAA journey through one act plays. With his inquisitive nature and attention to detail, he has grown into a talented artist and director. He manages CalAA’s website and is the technical lead for CalAA’s web presence.

Mukund Marathe

Mukund is co-founder and current president of CalAA and manages the mainstage production events. He has been the visionary lead for the CalAA team since the begining. A talented actor and director, Mukund is part of many theater productions in the United States. The Arts & Culture Commission of City of Cupertino has awarded him a Distinguished Artist Silver Award for 2023.

Sanjay Pachpande

Sanjay is a talented actor and director at CalAA. A passionate designer and an engineer at heart, he is the brain behind all the set designs that CalAA does for its productions as well as its guest productions. Sanjay has also contributed as an author for some excellent on-act plays at CalAA

Niranjan Page

Niranjan manages the India Programs for CalAA and has been the face of CalAA for all the overseas professional productions that CalAA invites to perform in the United States. A versatile actor and director, Niranjan has also lead the marketing of CalAA events.

Shirish Sathe

Shirish is part of CalAA’s team for more than two decades. He has been leading the CalAAnand event and has acted in CalAA productions. He has been a visionary leader and significant in bringing sponsorships at CalAA

Hemangi Wadekar

Hemangi is a talented play writer and actress associated with CalAA. She runs the CalAAudioscope which is CalAA’s podcast and audio channel. Along with that she has directed number of kids theater activities in CalAA and some great poetry recitals.

Manoj Wadekar

Manoj has been successfully leading Sameep activities which is our signature brand representing parallel theater activities. Manoj is a talented actor and director who along with his passion for theater has been continuing the forward march of CalAA take it to next milestones.

CalAA Advisors

Abhay Patil

Mandar Kulkarni

Sumedha Kshirsagar

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