Drama/One-Act PlaysPlatform for Bay Area drama enthusiasts to present distinctive dramas and one-act plays from mainstream and parallel theater.

Marathi mainstream theater is recognized as one of the top 4 successful theaters in India. It has a tradition spanning over many decades. At the same time, Marathi theater has been unique in a sense that the parallel theater movement has also been active and prolific despite the lack of commercial success and wider audience appeal. Many of us have grown up watching both the mainstream and parallel theater presentations and the works of Kanetkar, Matkari, Dalwi as well as Tendulkar, Elkunchwar and Alekar and many more playwrights that have made outstanding contributions to the Marathi theater. The theater enthusiasts here enjoy presenting challenging yet entertaining dramas and one-act plays. The discerning audience that may not otherwise get an opportunity to watch such powerful dramas, certainly appreciates CalAA's efforts in bringing such productions to the theater loving people here.

Watch videos of our past Plays here: https://www.youtube.com/user/calaaonline


Sameep - Intimate Theater format to present One-Act Plays.

Proscenium Theater has an invisible and imaginary fourth wall through which the audience sitting in the theater watches a Play. There is a, sort of, disconnect between the actors and the audience. Sameep is an attempt to break the imaginary fourth wall and bring the action up close to the audience where the play happens amidst the audience. With audience sitting on three, or, sometimes, all four sides of the actors, it gives each audience member a different personal experience of the play depending upon his or her vantage point. It is an immersive experience where the audience cannot remain aloof from the drama.

Watch videos of our past Sameep presentations here: https://www.youtube.com/user/calaaonline


CalAAnand - An informal get-together for meaningful presentations done free of charge.

CalAAnand's "Lekhak Aapalyaa Bhetilaa" initiative provides unique opportunity to listen to the Authors, Playwrights, Poets, Film and Drama Directors, Actors and Artists present their own work and to have informal dialogue with them. Marathi literature is extensive and varied. There are many authors and poets, playwrights and novelists, journalists and critics that we all like. Marathi Theater and Cinema is also creating some unique productions on offbeat subjects. We like to talk about their work and exchange recommendations about books and films. When an opportunity arises to actually hear them present their own work, it just gives a completely unique perspective. The informal dialogue with our beloved visiting artist makes the entire event a memorable experience.


CalAAnand is also a get together of more than hundred volunteers of CalAA, where they get a forum to present their talent through various programs and also an opportunity to critique performing arts presentations. This is a semi-formal but a well-organized event to discover new talent and also try out new ideas for programs, which may have a potential to become a major CalAA presentation in the future.


Monthly Play Readings - Get together of CalAA Volunteers each month to read a play or two One-Act plays.

A best way to source potential candidates for presentation on Main Stage or in Sameep is to read new plays each month. Play Reading includes famous old plays, new scripts as well as plays written by local writers among CalAA Volunteers. Directors for the reading generally select actors for reading individual character parts. After each reading, there is a spirited discussion where the attendees discuss and critique the play.


CalAAudioscope - Top-class Marathi Literature in Audiobooks format for the listening pleasure of CalAA Premees worldwide.

Marathi Literature is varied and extensive. In today's busy lifestyle, it may not be possible to find time to sit down to read a book. But, if the content is made available in Audiobooks format, anyone could listen to it and enjoy during commute to and from work, at the gym, during walks and hikes, while doing household chores. With talented actors in CalAA reading stories with proper intonation and emotions, it is a delight to listen and catch up on good literature. It is also a forum for new writers in CalAA to present stories and articles written by them.

Listen to our Audiobooks recordings here: http://www.calaa.org/calaaudioscope/calaaudioscope


India Programming Committee - A subset of CalAA for organizing shows of Plays and Music Programs from India.

Theater and Music Troupes from India are regularly coming to North America for showcasing their productions. The India Programming Committee was formed within CalAA to coordinate all activities related to hosting a successful show in Bay Area. Providing Sets, Lights, Sound, Props that exactly match what the troupe is used to in India and taking care of hosting and sightseeing of the visiting artists requires a dedicated team to make the entire experience enjoyable for the visiting troupes as well as CalAA Premee audience.


Naatyapat Archiving and sharing classic plays that offer enduring quality to aficionados and students of theater.

In spite of being a performing art, archival of theater has mostly been in the form of manuscripts, memoirs, critiques and photographs. We have taken a small step by starting the process of archival of classics on a regular basis. Marathi Theater has always been known for innovation and experimentation- both in the form and the content. It is true that it is impossible to package the raw energy of a live performance in a medium like teleplay. However, our first teleplay project ("Soorya Paahilelaa MaaNoos") showed us how this medium accentuates certain nuances of the performance, which are not easily noticeable in a live performance. Overall we have received encouraging response from the both the fans and the students of serious theater for this endeavor.


Some of the Past Activities of CalAA:


ChitraSarita - Best of breed movies from all over the globe and informal dialogue with the people behind those movies.

Going beyond the barriers of a spoken language, ChitraSarita strived to emphasis on the language of cinema. Not only the good old classics, but also the creative work of this generation was considered for presentation in ChitraSarita. We looked at the cinema as a serious work and the most influential form of art. We also brought the people involved in movie-making process closer to the audience and helped satisfy the common man's curiosity about all aspects of this ever-glamorous industry.


Music & Dance programs - Stage programs presenting various forms of vocal and instrumental music and dances from India.

Throughout the history of civilization, people have chosen dance and music to be the most popular media to express themselves. With its long history and cultural heritage, India offers a beautiful repertoire of music and dance forms. A very large spectrum of unique music and dance styles makes the experience rich and intriguing. CalAA produced programs based on specific themes that would include performances based on Indian vocal and instrumental music and classical and folk dances.


CalAA-TVCalAA Volunteers produced a weekly 30-minute TV program called "Mood India".

After presenting outstanding programs in music, theater and films for over 2 years, CalAA proudly launched its venture in Television. CalAA-TV started its TV program titled "Mood India" on Mountain View's public access TV station KMVT-15 (Channel 15). "Mood India" presented programs over 3 years covering Indian Classical Music (Instrumental and Vocal), Dance, and Theater. The entire TV production crew for CalAA-TV shows consisted of enthusiastic CalAA Volunteers who had completed Studio Production course at KMVT-15. To watch CalAA-TV programs, please visit our YouTube Channel Calaaonline at https://www.youtube.com/user/calaaonline

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