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An informal get-together for meaningful presentations is done free of charge.

CalAAnand’s “Lekhak Aapalyaa Bhetilaa” initiative provides the unique opportunity to listen to Authors, Playwrights, Poets, Film and Drama Directors, Actors and Artists present their own work and to have informal dialogue with them. Marathi literature is extensive and varied. There are many authors and poets, playwrights and novelists, journalists and critics that we all like. Marathi Theater and Cinema is also creating some unique productions on offbeat subjects. We like to talk about their work and exchange recommendations about books and films. When an opportunity arises to actually hear them present their own work, it just gives a completely unique perspective. The informal dialogue with our beloved visiting artist makes the entire event a memorable experience.

CalAAnand is also a get-together of more than a hundred volunteers of CalAA, where they get a forum to present their talent through various programs and also an opportunity to critique performing arts presentations. This is a semi-formal but well-organized event to discover new talent and also try out new ideas for programs, which may have the potential to become a major CalAA presentation in the future.

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