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Our Recognition

CalAA has received accolades from discerning audience and awards from Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal (BMM), Vishwasetu Sammelan and Santa Clara County for highly creative and top quality programs and has established itself as the most popular destination for intelligent entertainment in culturally active San Francisco Bay Area. CalAA is always looking for new talent and volunteers as well as suggestions for improvements.

CalAA in the News

SJ Mercury NewsCalAA receives Asian-American Hero Award11/01/11
BMM VruttaSameep Rangamanch at BMM Convention in Chicago09/01/11
BMM VruttaLec/Dem on Harmonium Tuning02/01/11
BMM VruttaPu. La. – Ek Aanandyaatraa at Calgary and Boston12/01/10
BMM VruttaFour Meaningful Programs by CalAA10/01/10
BMM VruttaCalAA’s new initiative Sameep Rangamanch successful09/01/10
BMM VruttaEkaankikaa Mahotsav and Two Marathi Films08/01/10
BMM VruttaCalAA presents “Popatpanchee” Nikhal Chaavat Modern Tamaashaa06/01/10
BMM VruttaCalAA presents “Harishchandraachee Factory”04/01/10
LokmatDurga Zali Gauri09/27/09
eSakalDurga Zali Gauri09/23/09
eSakalAlekar documentary09/23/08
The Indian ExpressCulture Calling 
Business StandardIT honchos and filmmakers too!04/07/06
सकाळकमला-एक देखणा नाट्यप्रयोग04/16/05
 A Memorable Production By CalAA: A Show of Three One-Act Plays10/10/04
 Boisterous performance of Waadaa Chirebandee04/10/04
सकाळकला च्या चाकोरीबाहेरच्या तीन एकांकिका11/18/03
India WestTempers Flare in Marathi Film ‘Dahaavee Faa’08/01/03
सकाळकला तर्फ़े बे एरियामध्ये यशस्वी नाट्यप्रयोग06/21/03
India PostVijay Tendulkar’s Shaantataa ! … Still Evokes raw emotions05/09/03
India PostCalAA Brings Provocative Marathi Play to Bay Area04/25/03
India PostMarathi plays a treat for drama lovers10/25/02
The Cupertino CourierIndian theater comes to city09/25/02
India WestFilm on Veer Savarkar to Screen in S.F. Bay Area06/06/02
India PostMarathi Dramas now in Cinema Theatres05/17/02
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